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Why mōrro?

In an over-saturated industry filled with limitless choices for movement & spiritual practices, mōrro is continuously evolving to foster growth within our community. The mission of mōrro is to reignite our curiosity for health as we know it, uncovering what wellness means for each of us. The difference is palpable. Reigniting the spark of personal transformation with tools that foster community, abundance and joy, is an investment in yourself.

Known for its world-renowned retreats in idyllic corners of the world, you can now experience mōrro in-studio & on International and local Canadian retreats.

Experience a mōrro Practice

From sign-up to final savasana, your experience will be free of distractions and complications, because life already has enough of those. With a range of classes for all levels of movement and convenient monthly schedules, you’ll find a natural way to make mōrro part of your everyday.

Experience a mōrro Retreat

Experience a retreat that doesn’t exhaust but renews and replenishes. Choose a thoughtfully curated getaway available to  all practitioners – or, connect with your own unique rhythms with a custom experience designed for you.

Like-Minded Souls on a Mission of Balance

Learn how our individual yoga journeys have each played a role in developing a unique approach and methodology to helping you experience mindfulness in the moment.

Learn what everyone loves about mōrro.

When I first moved to Kingston in 2015, I was looking for a yoga studio that would be my safe place, where I could be myself and create lifetime friendships with people there. I found that safe place with Nikkoel instantly. From her unique personality to her multiple teaching styles, I knew I was home. For years following that I would follow Nikkoel’s schedule as much as I could. We developed an immense teacher to student trust but best of all a friendship I wouldn’t trade for the world! I cannot wait to be home at mōrro again!

Cynthia St Jean

Studio mōrro has a way of offering classes that are a perfect mix of a planned sequence and spontaneity. This is what makes their classes unique and special. No matter what, they encourage growth, honour emotion and they are always there to crack a perfectly-timed joke to lighten the mood. Anyone who has had the pleasure of taking a class at studio mōrro knows that it is a special place to be.

Monique Caron

The retreat was set in a beautifully serene and tranquil setting that provided the perfect backdrop for a restorative weekend. The days were filled with delicious hearty homemade meals, a variety of Yoga classes, informative wellness seminars, and a supportive and welcoming group of people. The hosts Jacqueline and Tessa are masters at making everyone feel honoured and welcome.

Jennifer Hickman

I have practised yoga with mōrro instructors for years and I look forward to renewing that bond. They combine great wisdom in how the body works, with a soft spoken and gentle guidance that is quite unique.

Mark Frederick

My weekend retreat with mōrro was one I'll never forget. I had the chance to reconnect with nature in a beautiful space, enjoy delicious home-made meals surrounded by great company, and move my body through artfully led movement practices. Thank you for a beautiful time!

Amy Wilford

My Muskoka retreat with mōrro was the ideal way to mark the transition from summer to fall. Jacqueline and Tessa are incredibly knowledgeable, experienced and kind teachers. The way they led the retreat met all of our unique individual needs and levels of experience. Thank you for a wonderful time!

Caitlin Agnew

Carving out a little time for yourself, to move your body twice daily, have beautiful food served to you, while connecting to nature, yourself and a little mini community is everything we all need after the past two years we’ve had. Thank you T&J

Jenny Lee

Tessa and Jaqueline are amazing thoughtful and organized. They put together an amazing retreat where the only thing that was needed was to relax and engage with excellent company and yourself. The best part was learning new things about breath and the appreciation shown and the shared values echoed with our group. I’m glad to be a part of this those two make an excellent team, exciting future ahead for mōrro.

Segun Atwell

Jacqueline and Tessa are the dynamic duo of yoga retreats. From their ability to guide your breath to their impressive chef skills, they made me feel at home away from home and more importantly, helped me rediscover my inner peace. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this amazing experience.

Deb Ng

I have attended Nikkoel's yoga classes for a number of years and loved them. She is friendly and welcoming, very knowledgeable, and clearly committed to making yoga practice a positive and beneficial experience for her students.

Wendy Pentland