Join Our Energy Exchange Program

Make new friends and enjoy the perks! Join a team of dedicated volunteers who fuel a sense of community by ensuring our facility is organized, tidy and welcoming. Mōrro’s energy exchange program maintains the studio in exchange for classes and perks!

About the Energy Exchange Program:

There are many reasons why this program might be for you!  We understand that boutique fitness can be a luxury that not everyone can afford – this program allows those who deeply desire to improve their practice can do so for free with an exchange of time. Many EEs are looking to be part of a team, deepen their practice, or are interested in one day becoming an Instructor. Many of our teachers started as exchangers, even the owners!

The Perks:

  • 1 week of unlimited classes for each shift you complete
  • Free mat rentals and in-house towels
  • 20% off retail & workshops
  • Opportunities to practice on shift
  • Invitation to special professional photoshoots
  • 50% off The Annual Membership ($1099.50) for anybody who is your spouse or child/dependents*.
    Must live with you and must be part of your immediate family.